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Lubricants and greases
silicone based

Compounds and silicone greases

Are characterized by a high resistance to thermal degradation and oxidation, and by an excellent hydro repellence.

They are generally used as release agents and non-sticks, for the sealed and o’rings lubrication, in specific assemblies, and lubrication in metal-metal, metal-rubber, plastic-metal and rubber-metal sets.

The high dielectric rigidity, the insulating properties and the high working temperature range of our greases are very valued characteristics by the electricity, the electronic and the telephone industries.

A new measure of the value in lubrication

Silicon Argentina elaborates in its industrial plant special greases and lubricants according to the strictest industrial requirements and under a careful management system of quality.

We are supported by more than 40 years assisting our clients in specific lubrication problems.

All our special greases and lubricants are elaborated based on silicone’s fluids, mineral and synthetic oils, with specially selected additive packages for each application.

Our clients consult us for stable products in a wide range of temperatures, high resistance to the oxidation and to thermal degradation, excellent hydro-repellency and good film formation.

Based greases of silicone fluids

KLS - G 4

Excellent insulating properties, high dielectric stiffness, resistant to humidity. Ideal lubricant for rubber and plastic-metal parts.

Working temperature rank of -40 to 200º C.

KLS - G 4 L

It is ideal as a release agent of plastics over metal surfaces. It prevents the generation of moisture in phone connectors.

Working temperature rank of -40 to 200º C.

KLS - G 4 LV

It is specially formulated to prevent the humidity generation in phone jacks.

Minimum dropping point: 90º C

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KLS - G 4 LE

Formulated for the assembly and maintenance of Elastimold® connectors of medium voltage, does not attack the EPDM and it has a high dielectric rigidity.

Working temperature rank of -40 a 200º C.

KLS - G 4 R

Lubricating grease for rubber-metal joint, combined with antioxidant resins.

Working temperature rank of -40 to 200º C.

KLS - G 4 LT

It is a silicone grease fortified with PTFE to reduce friction in assemblies, and screws subjected to high temperatures.
It does not degrade and it has an excellent thermal stability.

Working temperature rank of -40 a 250º C.

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KLS - G 411

It is recommended as a valve’s sealant and o’rings lubrication.
It forms and important barrier against moisture. It is used in water pumps and high pressure equipment

Working temperature rank of -40 a 200º C.

KLS - G 171

Heat sink grease for electrical circuits and assembly of CPU.
It has excellent thermal conductivity and stability at high temperatures.

Working temperature rank of -40 a 200º C.

MS - 21 R

Grease silicone-based and lithium soap based, developed to work in systems that operate in wide temperature ranges.
It is used primarily in auto parts, special bearings subjected to cold temperatures and instrumental.

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KLS - G 115

It is a specially formulated grease for the assembly of servo brakes.

Working temperature rank of -40 a 200º C.

KLS - G 115 V

It is a silicone grease for the assembly of servo brakes, but suitable for a lower range of operating temperature.

MS - 22

Silicone grease with 3% Molybdenum Disulfide.
It is recommended to lubricate bearings subjected to constant high temperatures, and of a difficult access for its lubrication.

Working temperature rank of -40 a 200º C with peaks of 250º C.

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Greases based on mineral oils and synthetic

KLS - G 202

Multipurpose grease lithium based with 3% Molybdenum Disulfide.
Ideal for plant maintenance and general metal-metal lubrication.
Excellent film formation because of its high content of disulfide.

KLS - G 637

High temperature grease suitable for metal-metal lubrication.

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